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2013 Census tables

This page has links to 2013 tables in NZ.Stat – our free web tool for creating, finding, customising, and downloading datasets.

You can produce tables for a range of geographic levels. You can get data at the national level, by regional council area and territorial authority area, in many cases by Auckland local board area, and sometimes by area unit. Most tables contain 2013, 2006, and 2001 Census data.

2013 Census data will be released in NZ.Stat progressively from 11 March 2014.

2013 Census subjects in NZ.Stat

Available now


A wide range of social and demographic information about New Zealand's population. Topics include age, sex, internal migration, marital status, and number of children born. Data from the 1996 Census on age and sex for the census usually resident and census night populations is now available in this module. This data has been rebased to 2013 geographies, with counts available for regional council, territorial authority, and area unit levels.

Culture and identity

Information about New Zealand's increasingly diverse population. Topics include ethnicity, birthplace, languages spoken, and religion.


Information about housing occupancy, number of rooms and bedrooms, home ownership, and heating fuels.


Information about total income and sources of income for individuals, families, and households.

Families and households

Information about family type, children, type of couple, extended families, and household composition.

Transport and communications

Information such as the main means of travel to work, the number of motor vehicles per household, and access to telecommunication systems.

Work and unpaid activities

Information about occupation, industry, hours worked, and unpaid activities.

Education and training

Information such as the number of people with educational qualifications and the number participating in study.

Cigarette smoking
Information about cigarette smoking behaviour.

More 2013 Census information

Profile and summary reports 
Overviews of New Zealand and its communities at the 2013 Census, with facts, tables, and graphs about places, iwi, ethnic groups, and key topics.

Information about census data 
Definitions, metadata, and other explanatory information about census data.

2013 Census products and services release schedule
A list of all published and upcoming 2013 Census products and services. Census results will be released progressively from 15 October 2013 to July 2015.


If you have any questions or need help, contact our Information Centre.

Updated  14 July 2015  

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