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Using the Data Lab

Find out what microdata is available through the Data Lab about people, households, and businesses, and how to apply to access it for your research project.

About the Data Lab

New Zealand-based researchers can apply to access microdata for bona fide research or analytical purposes that are in the public interest. The Data Lab service is available at Stat NZ offices and at secure research facilities around New Zealand.

See Microdata research for a list of current and past research projects.

Available microdata

Through the Data Lab, researchers can access the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI),  the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), and other Stats NZ surveys.

See Microdata available in the Data Lab.

Application process

If you have a new project or want to make changes to an existing project, you have to go through an application process.

Apply to use microdata for research has all the information you need.

Data Lab locations

You can only access microdata in a secure Data Lab environment. Within this environment you can run code, create datasets, store material and share this with other researchers working on your project, and access additional metadata. Computers in the Data Lab cannot access the internet or connect to printers.

Apply to use microdata for research has information about applying to set up a remote Data Lab.

International Data Labs

Stats NZ has approved the first international Data Lab to give researchers greater access to the data it holds. The Sydney-based lab opened at the premises of Ernst & Young on 16 August 2017. Analysts from Ernst & Young are using Stats NZ’s IDI for a project they are doing with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and the Ministry for Vulnerable Children (Oranga Tamariki). Security arrangements at the Sydney Data Lab are the same as those for Data Labs in New Zealand.

The Sydney Data Lab is a test case for international Data Labs.

See International Data Lab approved in Sydney for more information about the Sydney Data Lab.


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Updated 27 July 2018

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