Stats NZ has a new website.

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As we transition to our new site, you'll still find some Stats NZ information here on this archive site.

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Media Centre

What is Stats NZ's Media Centre?

The Stats NZ Media Centre provides members of the media with quick access to a range of useful statistical information. Join our media email group to receive media advisories and statistical releases.

What we do

Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa, is New Zealand's national statistical office. We are the country's major source of official statistics and leader of New Zealand's Official Statistics System. Our chief executive is the Government Statistician and the Minister of Statistics is James Shaw.

Releases for media

Statistical release calendar – media conferences indicated with an M
2017 Media releases
2016 Media releases
2015 Media releases
2018 Census-related releases
2013 Census-related releases
A-Z of information releases
Earthquake-related releases

Publications and resources

Our publications
Guides and resources
Speeches and presentations

Media conferences

All media conferences are held at 8 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington. The conference room opens at 10:00am for all conferences with the exception of Labour Market Statistics, when the room will be open at 9:45am. The embargo lifts and journalists can leave at 10:45am. There is no entry to the room after 10:30am.

Using our information and graphics

We encourage you to reuse any of our information. Our published statistics, tables, and infographics are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. See Copyright and terms of use for more information.

You are free to copy, distribute, and adapt any of our work, as long as it is attributed to us.

To extract a low-resolution image, highlight it on our website, then copy and paste it into your favourite application; or 'Save Picture As...' to create a separate image file. High-resolution images, for example our infographics, are available from us on request.

Who to contact

James Weir, Senior Media Advisor
Strategic Communications

Phone: +64 4 931 4630
Mobile: +64 21 2859 191

Information Centre

For data requests and help accessing our information, please contact:

Phone: 0508 525 525 toll-free

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