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A–Z of information releases

Select a title from the list below to view the recent information releases for that subject. Each information release contains the latest statistics for the subject, with a summary (in Key facts section), analytical Commentary, statistical Tables, and technical details (in Data quality section).

See also the release calendar for a list of upcoming and previous releases.

2018 Census
2013 Census
About 2006 Census 
2001 Census data 
1996 Census data

Abortion Statistics
Accommodation Survey
Agricultural Production Statistics
Alcohol Available for Consumption
Annual Enterprise Survey 

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position 
Bioscience Survey
Biotechnology Survey 
Births and Deaths 
Building Consents Issued 
Business Activity (GST) Indicator 
Business Finance Survey 
Business Operations Survey 
Business Practices Survey
Business Price Indexes 

Capital Goods Price Index [Business Price Indexes from May 2015]
Census of International Trade in Services and Royalties 
Christchurch Retail Trade Indicator
Civil Unions and Marriages
Consumers Price Index (CPI) 
Crown Accounts Analysis 
Crown Research Institute Statistics

Disability Survey
District Health Board Financial Statistics
Dwelling and Household Estimates

Economic Survey of Manufacturing 
Education and Training Survey 
Electronic Card Transactions
Energy Use Survey [New Zealand Energy Use]
Environmental Reporting Series
Environmental Economic Accounts
Estimate of New Dwelling Units 
External Migration

Farm Expenses Price Index [Business Price Indexes from May 2015] 
Food Price Index

Goods and Services Trade by Country
Government Finance Statistics (Central government)
Government Finance Statistics (Local government)
Government Use of Information and Communication Technology 
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Household Economic Survey 
Household Labour Force Survey [Labour Market Statistics from Feb 2015]
Household Labour Force Survey Estimated Working-age Population
Household Living-costs Price Indexes
Household Use of Information and Communication Technology

Industry Productivity Statistics
Information and Communication Technology Supply Survey 
Information Technology Survey 
Injury Statistics 
Institutional Sector Accounts
International Travel and Migration 
Internet Service Provider Survey

Labour Cost Index (All Labour Costs) 
Labour Cost Index (Salary and Wage Rates) [Labour Market Statistics from Feb 2015]
Labour Market Statistics 
Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED)
Local Authority Financial Statistics
Local Authority Statistics 
Longitudinal Immigration Survey

Manufacturing Energy Use Survey 
Māori Population Estimates
Marriages, Civil Unions, and Divorces

National Accounts
National Accounts (Income and Expenditure)
National Accounts (Industry Benchmarks) 
National Employment Indicator
National Ethnic Population Projections 
National Family and Household Projections 
National Labour Force Projections 
National Population Estimates 
National Population Projections 
New Zealand Abridged Period Life Table
New Zealand Business Demography Statistics 
New Zealand Childcare Survey
New Zealand Cohort Life Tables
New Zealand Energy Statistics 
New Zealand General Social Survey
New Zealand Income Survey 
New Zealand Period Life Tables 
Non-profit Institutions Satellite Account

Overseas Cargo Statistics
Overseas Merchandise Trade 
Overseas Trade Indexes

Post-enumeration Survey: 2013
Producers Price Index [Business Price Indexes from May 2015]
Productivity Statistics

Quarterly Employment Survey  [Labour Market Statistics from Feb 2015]

Regional Gross Domestic Product
Research and Development Survey 
Retail Trade Survey

Screen Industry Survey 
Student Loans and Allowances 
Subnational Ethnic Population Projections
Subnational Family and Household Projections 
Subnational Population Estimates 
Subnational Population Projections 
Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand 
Survey of English Language Providers 
Survey of Family, Income, and Employment 
Survey of Returned Travellers 
Survey of Working Life

Te Kupenga 2013 (Māori)
Te Kupenga 2013 (English)
Time Use Survey
Tourism Satellite Account 

Value of Building Work Put in Place

Well-being Statistics
Wholesale Trade Survey
Work Stoppages

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