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Research and Development Survey (R&D survey) – information for participants

Why are you carrying out this survey?

We carry out this survey to collect data that will be used to:

  • produce summarised statistics of R&D activities for government, business, and other users in the community 
  • develop science policy in areas such as the setting of research priorities, government research funding levels, science education, and innovation encouragement schemes.

The Research and Development (R&D) Survey is a joint survey between the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and Statistics NZ.  

Who takes part in the survey? How did you select me?

We survey businesses in New Zealand that perform or fund research and development activities.

We select approximately 3,700 of the total 4,200 of these businesses to participate in the survey. You may be selected if:

  • your business is performing research and development 
  • your business has funded research and development activities – even if your business is not directly engaged in research and development activities.

When do you carry out the survey?

The survey is usually carried out every two years, and is sent to the business, government, higher education, and Crown Research Institute sectors.

However in 2019, there was an additional iteration of the survey in which only the business sector was part of  the survey – government or Crown Research Institute sectors are not included in 2019. In 2020, the business, government, higher edituation, and Crown Research Institute secores are included.

What Research and Development activity should I include in the questionnaire?

This survey is based on a broad definition of R&D, which is outlined in full on page 14 of the questionnaire. You may have seen R&D defined differently elsewhere. For example, the Inland Revenue’s new R&D tax incentive uses a different, narrower definition than the one used for this survey. It is important that you base your answers on the definition given in the questionnaire.

How can I complete the survey questionnaire?

You’ll complete the survey questionnaire by filling in a paper form.


Page updated 17 July 2019

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