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Future approaches to social and population statistics

Alternative ways of meeting information needs for social and population statistics are being investigated by Statistics NZ. This page contains links to information papers produced in support of this work.

The content of the papers does not imply commitment by Statistics NZ to adopt any findings, methodologies, or recommendations. Papers are released after internal and external peer review.

If you have questions you can email us.

Information papers

Meeting longitudinal information needs

Options for meeting longitudinal information needs: A preliminary investigation (March 2014)
This paper identifies the main future requirements for longitudinal data for research and policy purposes, and discusses the extent to which they could be met by reusing existing data sources.   

Meeting longitudinal information needs: Recommendations for Statistics New Zealand (March 2014)
Philip Giles's report reviews current initiatives and plans within Statistics NZ, assesses their relevance and importance to meeting the critical longitudinal information needs, and makes specific recommendations to permit Statistics NZ to meet these needs.

Statistics New Zealand's response to recommendations for meeting longitudinal information needs (March 2014)
This report responds to Philip Giles's recommendations on how Statistics NZ can best meet longitudinal information needs.

Census transformation

Census transformation – research papers has links to papers published as part of the Census Transformation programme.

Social and population statistics architecture and information needs

Social and population statistics architecture for New Zealand (July 2011)
The social and population statistics architecture provides a high-level view of the primary data sources and the ways in which they are combined to meet information needs in the future.

Social and population statistics information needs for New Zealand (February 2011)
A summary of Statistics NZ’s understanding of future information needs for social and population statistics. The paper was produced in mid 2010 to inform discussion on priorities for the programme of statistics over the 10 years to 2020.

Integrated household surveys

Household surveys programme 2016–20 (second edition) (March 2017)
This paper outlines Statistics NZ's plan for a coordinated programme of supplementary content across our three household surveys: the Household Labour Force Survey, the New Zealand General Social Survey, and the Household Economic Survey.

Integrated household surveys: a survey vehicles approach (February 2011)
Household surveys are currently run mainly as stand-alone surveys by Statistics NZ. This paper outlines an approach that integrates household survey content into three survey vehicles, and briefly discusses issues. Ongoing development of the approach is planned.

Page updated 20 March 2017

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