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Request to update the iwi statistical classification
Tēnā koutou katoa

Stats NZ has sent this form because you, or a group of which you are a member, expressed an interest in being included in the iwi statistical classification (the list of iwi). We use the iwi statistical classification to create the list that appears in the Census of Population and Dwellings each five years, and to produce statistical publications. It is also used by government agencies collecting iwi – such as the Ministry of Education. We’ll update the classification annually or where there is an identified need.

If you are the group’s nominated representative who is acting on its behalf in requesting an update to the iwi statistical classification, please complete this form. 

Your information will be considered using the conditions for inclusion in the iwi statistical standard. A panel made up of Māori advisors and government members, including Stats NZ, will consider the information.

The conditions for inclusion examine whether a group has:
  • a shared Māori descent line and its own traditions
  • one or more active marae – these do not need to be physical buildings
  • a recognised structure that represents the interests of the iwi, such as a rōpū whakahaere, committee, or board.
Please answer each question as fully as possible. If you have information relating to our questions available in other documents, please highlight this on the form and attach the document to the form rather than answering the question(s).

All information you provide will be kept confidential (see Stats NZ’s privacy statement). Your information will only be used by the panel to consider your request and by the Stats NZ classification team to update the classification.

If you have any questions when completing this form please contact

Note: This form may change once the standard is finalised. This means that we may have to get back to you for more information.

Useful resources

Here are some online resources you may find useful as background or in completing the form:

  • TPK – Te Kāhui Māngai website
  • Māori maps website
  • Naumai Place (marae website)
  • Tūhono website
  • Māori Fisheries Act 2004, Schedule 3
  • Office of Treaty Settlement website
Please return the completed form by email or post:
  • Classifications & Standards, Stats NZ
    Level 1, BNZ Centre
    120 Hereford Street
    Private Bag 4741
    Christchurch 8011 
For groups wanting their request considered in time for the 2018 Census, please return this form before 7 August 2017.

Available files

Read the report online, or download and print the PDF from 'Available files' on the right-hand side of this page. If you have problems viewing the files, see opening files and PDFs.

Updated 27 June 2017

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