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Questionnaire module


The questionnaire modules will be different between surveys completed by individuals and those completed by businesses. Questionnaires of individuals collect information that only relates to that person whereas business surveys of status in employment collect information relating to all workers in a particular enterprise.

Mandatory – personal questionnaires

  • allow only one response to the categories listed

Discretionary – personal and business questionnaires

  • provide standard definitions and/or help notes that assist the person completing the questionnaire.

Modifications to questions or the addition or modification of help notes may cause discontinuities in a data time series if these change the respondent’s view of the answer required. However some short–term discontinuity may be desirable in the interests of long term accuracy.


The questionnaire module below is an example of a questionnaire module that meets the requirements documented in this standard. Other questionnaire modules may vary in format but should conform to the requirements contained in this standard.

Graph, Example Question.

Help Notes

Suggested help notes for identifying if a person is self employed (to accompany questionnaire)

If you can answer "yes" to most of the following questions, it will usually mean you are self-employed.

  • Do you decide or control how you work? For example:
    - when you take holidays.
    - when, where and what hours you work
    - the standard or quality of the work
    - how much you get paid and how?
  • Do you invest or risk your own money in the activity in any way?
    - Could you sell the business?
    - Do you support the business with your own money, for example, have you lent money to it, or provided any working capital? (Shares that you get under any employee share purchase plan don't count.)
  • Do you provide the major assets or working equipment needed for your job? (Not just small tools or work clothing.)
    - Do you provide or pay for your own training.
  • Are you responsible for getting the work done?
    - Can you get other people to work with or for you, without needing to get permission from anyone else?
    - Are you free to do work for other people?
    - Do you advertise on your own account?
    - Do you arrange for someone else to do the job if you can't (say if you are sick, or have to be somewhere else)?
  • Does your work contract say you'd be penalised in any way if you stopped work, or left without completing a particular project.
  • Do you have to correct unsatisfactory work in your own time and at your own expense?

Source: Inland Revenue Department help notes for taxpayers.

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