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Appendix 1

Coding decisions

The following coding decisions are those predominantly used for coding occupations.

Responses covered in these coding decisions are specific survey responses and do not reflect the non–sexist language used in the standard and classification.

Non labour force

The following respondents are NOT considered to be in the labour force:

  • Housewives (not working for pay);
  • Students (not working for pay);
  • Retired persons;
  • Trainee teachers;
  • Polytech nurses;
  • Sheltered Workshop/Rehabilitation Centre trainees who attend these organisations for therapeutic reasons;
  • Overseas army personnel on exercise in New Zealand;
  • Prison inmates who work within the confines of the prison;
  • Farmers' wives who have stated their occupation and tasks as housework;
  • Elderly Hospital Patients who are obviously retired and have entered their previous occupation.

Labour force

The following respondents ARE considered to be in the labour force:

  • Prison inmates who are employed outside the confines of the prison;
  • Hospital Patients if they state they are working (Excluding elderly retired patients);
  • Sheltered Workshop/Rehabilitation Centre instructors and other staff who are receiving wages;
  • Farmers' wives who state in their tasks that they are contributing to the running and production of the farm;
  • Overseas diplomats that are members of an Embassy, unless they are obviously guests;
  • Crew aboard ships and employees on oil rigs;


Where tutors are clearly employed in a tertiary institution e.g. polytech, university, code occupation to University Tutor – 242112' or 'Polytechnic Tutor – 242211'.

Other tutors are coded to their activity e.g. a cane work tutor is to be coded to cane worker, a pottery tutor is to be coded to potter.

Tutor with no further details should be coded to 97000 Unidentifiable occupation.

Farmer's wives

Farmer's wives who contribute to the running of the farm are coded as farmers.


Supervisors are coded to the occupation that they supervise.

Self–employed working proprietors

Self–employed working proprietors in their own business e.g. lawyer, doctor, plumber etc. are coded as such.


Farmers who are involved in both crop and livestock farming are coded to mixed crop and livestock farmers i.e. 121411.

Farmers who are involved with two or more varieties of livestock are coded to mixed livestock farmers i.e. 121317.

Farmers who do not state the type of farming they are involved in are to be coded to general farmers i.e. 121411.


Apprentices are coded to the occupation they are an apprentice to e.g. apprentice, butcher is coded to butcher.


Trainees are coded to the occupation they are training for, e.g. trainee chef is coded to chef. Trainee teachers and polytech trainee nurses are excluded.


Drivers who state they are 'driving', but do not state what they are driving, are coded to truck driver (general) 733111.


Clerk nod is coded to general clerk 531111.


Managers who provide no additional information about their occupation are coded to 111211 Corporate General Manager.


Engineers who only state they do engineering and give no further supporting information are coded to unidentifiable occupation 997000.

Personnel in the Armed forces

Persons in the Army, Airforce or Navy depending on rank and occupation title are coded to:

  • Defence Force Senior Officer - 111212; or
  • Commissioned Defence Force Officer - 139111; or
  • Senior Noncommissioned Defence Force Member 139211; or
  • Defence Force Member - Other Ranks 441111

Those that are in the Armed Forces but state their occupation as cook, doctor, etc are to be coded to the occupation stated.

Embassies and diplomats

Ambassadors, Consul Generals and High Commissioners are to be given occupation code 111399.

Process workers

Process Workers who give no further supporting about their occupation are coded to 997000 Response Unidentifiable.

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