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Industrial Classification 1996


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The Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1996, New Zealand Use (ANZSIC96) is used for the collection, compilation and publication of statistics relating to industry. This classification is a modification of ANZSIC93 with additional detail for specific New Zealand industries. The classification was developed as part of a co–operative effort with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to harmonise statistics wherever possible and practicable. ANZSIC96 provides a standard framework for classifying business statistical units by industry in official statistics. This ensures that each unit is classified to the same industry in all statistical collections in which it is included and that industry statistics are comparable across surveys and between the two countries.

ANZSIC96 is closely based on the international classification ISIC Revision 3 and has been drawn up using the criteria of specialisation, coverage and significance.

Note: Version 4.1 (16 July 2002) has been created to cover the newly discovered deep sea prawn fishing industry south of the Auckland Islands. This industry was previously suppressed in ANZSIC NZ use but existed in the full ANZSIC of 1993.

ANZSIC 1996 classification

ANZSIC96 has a structure comprising categories at five levels, namely divisions (the broadest level), subdivisions, groups, classes and sub–classes (NZ only) at the finest level.

Classification Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1996
Abbreviation ANZSIC96
Version V4.1
Effective date 16/07/2002

Classification criteria

Businesses are assigned to an industry according to their predominant economic activity.

Downloadable files

ANZSIC 1996 manual

ANZSIC 1996 version 4.1 Manual is available as a Word document and as a PDF above.

To download the classification see the 'Available files' at the top of the page.

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