Real household consumption expenditure

The data in this indicator is no longer being updated.

Stats NZ is developing well-being indicators, Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand - Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa, to track New Zealand’s progress. As the well-being indicators have similar aims to the NZ Progress Indicators and NZ Social Indicators, we are reviewing the future of these existing indicators.

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Why is this important for social statistics?

Real household consumption expenditure shows how much money people spend on goods and services in New Zealand.

This indicator measures expenditure by New Zealand-resident households, in inflation-adjusted dollars, per person.

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    Most recent data

    Figure 1

    Note: The series in this graph are expressed in the average prices of the 2009/10 year.

    Information about the data

    Figure 1

    Date published: July 2017
    Next update expected: September 2017 
    Update frequency: Data is annual (for year ended March) – but is revised quarterly, based on new GDP data
    Geographic coverage: National
    Demographic information available? No
    Internationally recognised measure? Yes
    Source: Statistics NZ – Gross Domestic Product
    Purpose of the survey or data: Gross domestic product (GDP) is New Zealand's official measure of economic growth.
    For a thorough explanation of GDP and household consumption expenditure see the ‘definitions’ and ‘data quality’ sections under related links in the quarterly GDP releases available at Gross Domestic Product – information releases.
    Data quality: See the ‘data quality’ section under related links in the releases available at Gross Domestic Product – information releases
    Preview of 2016 national accounts improvements has more information about changes to gross domestic product (GDP) releases.

Downloadable file:

Excel icon. Household consumption expenditure – tables (Excel, 2 sheets, 18kb)

Includes breakdowns by year.

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