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Demographic Trends: 2004 - Reference report

What it's about

Demographic Trends 2004 contains the latest statistics on New Zealand's population and related statistics. Published annually, it contains commentaries, diagrams and tables on the major demographic indicators of the New Zealand population. Topics covered include population change and structure, fertility, marriage, divorce, mortality, external migration, subnational population estimates, induced abortions, and national and subnational demographic projections.

This issue also carries a special article, entitled Age Differences Between Partners at the Time of Marriage: 1963, 1983 and 2003, prepared by Michael Ryan, with assistance from Bill Boddington and Kim Dunstan. This article assesses age differences within couples by year of marriage registration, by age at marriage and by previous marital status.

Part 10 contains brief notes on the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings, the forthcoming IAOS (International Association of Official Statistics) satellite meeting (to be held in Wellington on 14 - 15 April 2005), and the new Population website - an inter-departmental website on population issues jointly launched by the Ministers for Economic Development, Social Development and Employment, Labour, and Statistics.

This section also includes brief outlines of a number of reports recently released by Statistics New Zealand, including Fertility of New Zealand Women by Ethnicity, Older New Zealanders - 65 and Beyond, New Zealand Life Tables 2000 - 2002, and New Zealand Family and Household Projections. The latest and forthcoming demographic projections are also highlighted, along with a note on the various population measures used by Statistics New Zealand. There is also a brief note on a report entitled New Zealand - An Urban/Rural Profile, released in February 2005.

A new addition is a section on demographic pages on the Statistics New Zealand website. It lists some of Statistics New Zealand's key products on population/demography, with website addresses for easy access. Another new addition is a list of tables available in the Population Monitor. There is also a list of articles on population-related subjects published in Key Statistics and available on the Statistics New Zealand website, and an index of research articles published in previous issues of Demographic Trends.

Demographic Trends 2004 is divided into 10 parts, each covering a different topic. For example, Part 1 looks at population change and structure, Part 2, fertility, etc.

Each topic covered in Demographic Trends 2004 includes a series of detailed tables. Part 1 - Population Change and Structure has eight tables (titles listed in Tables), Part 2 - Fertility has 17 tables (titles listed in Tables) etc.

A number of new tables have been included in the 2004 edition of Demographic Trends. These include: Live births by ethnicity and age of mother, year ended 31 December 2003 (Table 2.04); Distribution of live births by ethnicity and age of mother, 1997–2003 (Table 2.05); Single and multiple births by live/still combination, 1971–2003 (Table 2.06); and Life expectancy at selected ages, selected territorial authorities, 1995–1997 and 2000–2002 (Table 4.13).

Published 31 January 2005

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ISSN 0113.3667
Price, per title $40.00

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