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Migration statistics count and describe movements of people into and out of New Zealand (international migration), and within the country (internal migration).

Information releases

Explore our latest migration statistics.

International Travel and Migration 
This monthly release provides information on the number of overseas visitors, New Zealand resident travellers, and permanent and long-term migrants entering or leaving New Zealand.  

New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS)
Information on the well-being of New Zealanders aged 15 years and over. The survey covers a range of social and economic outcomes and shows how well-being outcomes are distributed across different groups, including migrants.  

Latest news

Cruise ship traveller statistics: June 2017 (October 2017)
Statistics on the number and characteristics of cruise ship travellers, including passengers and crew, and region/port statistics.

Outcomes versus intentions: Measuring migration based on travel histories (August  2017)
Introduces new measure of migration that identifies migrant status based on travel history.

Auckland’s future population under alternative migration scenarios (June 2017)
Explores what Auckland might look like demographically under some alternative higher migration scenarios, then considers the resulting demand for housing.

Migration to Australia via New Zealand (June 2017)
This article explores the birthplace origins of New Zealand citizens who migrate to Australia. It aims to assess whether they use New Zealand as an indirect or ‘backdoor’ gateway into Australia.

Migration statistics by the 12/16-month rule (May 2017)
A historic series of migrant arrivals and departures, for January 2001 to March 2015, and a technical report, detail a new measure for estimating the contribution of international migration to changes in New Zealand’s resident population. The 12/16-month rule defines the migrant status after the travel history has been observed over a 16-month period.

For more information, see Defining migrants using travel histories and the '12/16-month rule'.  

See Kiwi exodus to Australia bungees back for a historical perspective on migration flows and recent net gains from Australia.

See the Kiwi factor in record net migration for context and detail around the New Zealand-citizen influence on migration.


Analyse the numbers.

Select the following categories from the Infoshare homepage for data about international travel and migration.
Subject category: Tourism
Group: International travel and migration 

Find out more about Infoshare.

Extract the information you want from large datasets. Find data about:

Find out more about NZ.Stat. 

Provisional international travel statistics
Latest available weekly and four-weekly data for short-term overseas visitor arrivals and short-term New Zealand resident departures, published each Friday after 2pm.

Reports and articles

Explore information we’ve gathered from research and analysis.

International travel and migration articles
Articles that provide extra analysis of international travel and migration topics.

Internal migration (published 2009) 
A report about internal migration in New Zealand.

Census of Population and Dwellings
The official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand. Find out about:

  • people who have changed their usual address at least once since the previous census
  • people who were living overseas at the previous census
  • New Zealand residents who were born overseas.

Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand (DMM) 
Information release and articles about internal migration in New Zealand. What motivates people to move or to stay where they are, information on the demographic characteristics of each group, satisfaction ratings for living conditions, and people’s future intentions to move. The survey was carried out in 2007.

Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand (LisNZ)
Information releases and articles about how well migrants settle during their first three years as permanent residents in New Zealand. The survey was carried out between 2005 and 2009.

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a glossary of statistical terms.

Information about international travel and migration data 
Technical information about how international travel and migration statistics are produced.

Information about the Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand (DMM) 
Details about how we ran the survey and glossary notes.

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