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Consultation: Time Use Survey 2009/10

Survey objectives

The Time Use Survey: 2009/10 aims to meet new information needs of stakeholders while maintaining comparability with the 1998/99 survey and keeping the compliance burden to an acceptable level. More specifically, the key research questions are:

  • Work-life balance: how do people divide their time between paid work, unpaid work, family and leisure?
  • How do people schedule their paid work, and where do they do it?
  • How socially connected are people with family, friends, from inside and outside their own households?
  • How much does unpaid work contribute to the NZ economy?
  • How do people spend their leisure time?
  • Who's caring for whom, for how much time and where?


The Time Use Survey: 2009/10 will provide more up-to-date statistics on time use in New Zealand and, by comparison with the previous survey, some sense of changes in time use over the past decade. Specific improvements to the 2009/10 survey include:

  • reporting of 'who the respondent was with' when participating in each activity
  • revision of activity coding system to incorporate more detailed classification of some activities
  • revision of ‘for whom the activity was done’ coding system to incorporate more detailed classification of the field of work within non-profit institutions
  • implementation of the new Statistics NZ core questions module
  • use of Computer-Aided Interviewing (CAI) for the completion of both the household and personal questionnaires.

These improvements will bring the 2009/2010 survey more in line with international best practice and will generate an information base that will address a wider range of information needs.

Consultation and review of best practice for time use surveys

Key stakeholders were consulted regarding their interest in the survey and its potential to inform policy and research. The consultations are summarised in the paper available at the top of this page, together with an evaluation of the implications these uses have for the survey methodology, content and design.

Your input

We welcome your comments to assist us to make the Time Use Survey: 2009/10 products both relevant and accessible to users. Our key objective is to produce official statistics that are used to inform debate, research and decision making. To achieve this, we need you to tell us what you want to use the data for. Please refer to the content of the previous Time Use Survey for a list of the data items that will be collected, together with the 'Changes' above. Please note, items that had poor statistical reliability in the Time Use Survey: 1998/99 will not be collected in 2009/10.

We would also like to hear about work you have done with data from the Time Use Survey: 1998/99 and any limitations you may have experienced.

Information and help

If you have any queries about the Time Use Survey please contact the Social Conditions Business Unit, Statistics New Zealand:

Phone: (04) 931-4600
Fax: (04) 931-4046

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