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Review of Housing Statistics Report 2009

Statistics New Zealand has undertaken a review of New Zealand’s housing statistics and produced the Review of Housing Statistics Report 2009. The purpose of the review was to identify the enduring research and policy needs relating to housing statistics and ascertain the extent to which housing statistics are adequate for current and prospective information needs. The report then recommends actions required to address any significant shortcomings or gaps that the Official Statistics System needs to address in the field of housing, providing a framework for the development of housing statistics over the next 5–10 years.

Twelve recommendations were identified from six enduring research and policy topics. The following is an overview of the most significant recommendations:

  • Research data sources that will help inform the demand for housing from first home-buyers, holiday homes, and property investors.
  • Carry out research into the tenure and location choices of young people.
  • Investigate different methodologies and data sources for quality adjusted house and land price indexes.
  • Investigate data sources around land available for residential housing.
  • Improve the quality of official statistics available from consent forms.
  • Investigate ways of measuring the productivity of the construction industry.
  • Investigate and develop affordability measures.
  • Improve existing data sources on the physical quality of the national housing stock.
  • Continue research of measures and statistics on crowding and the homeless.

This report concludes the review of housing statistics. Statistics NZ will now establish a joint agency approach to priorities and an implementation plan for the recommendations.


Reviews of official statistics are undertaken periodically to ensure that the statistics are sufficiently relevant and robust to meet the current and future needs of users.

A review of housing statistics was last undertaken in 1979. Since the last official review, important shifts in regulatory systems, societal trends, and policy focus warranted another review into statistical information needs.

The Review of Housing Statistics Report 2009 followed the Review of Housing Statistics: Consultation Paper to highlight housing statistical needs in New Zealand. Submissions for the consultation paper were received in January and February 2009.


Contact information

For more information or to provide comments regarding the review, please contact the Standard of Living business unit, Statistics New Zealand:
Wellington 04 931 4600
Fax 04 931 4079

Printable version

The downloadable file are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the reader to view or print the contents of these files.

Published November 2009
ISBN 978-0-478-35322-8 (online)

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