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Statistics about housing give you information on physical dwellings, such as size and affordability, and the people who live in them, including their level of satisfaction with their house.

Latest news

Trending topics – Housing (published 2017)
An overview of housing supply and demand in New Zealand.

Disability and housing conditions: 2013 (published 2017)
Compares housing characteristics of disabled and non-disabled people living in private dwellings using data from the 2013 New Zealand Disability Survey.

Changes in home-ownership patterns 1986–2013: Focus on Māori and Pacific people (published 2016)
Explores the changes in tenure patterns (home ownership and renting) for people with Māori and Pacific ethnicity between 1986 and 2013.

Information releases

New Zealand General Social Survey 
Information about the well-being of New Zealanders aged 15 years and over. You can find social and economic outcome information, including perceptions of quality of housing, and natural and built environment. Learn how these results are distributed across different population groups, including owner-occupiers and renters. 


Analyse the numbers.

Housing problems, housing satisfaction, and tenure by age group and family type, 2010

Housing problems, housing satisfaction, and tenure by ethnicity, 2010

Subnational crowding tables 1991–2006 (data from 2006 and previous censuses)
Crowding statistics by territorial authority, district health board, and area unit.

Housing indicators (based on 2006 and previous census data)
Tables and related discussion for 18 housing indicators such as occupancy rate and dwelling type.

Housing quality tables (based on 2001 Census data and other sources)
Introductory information about our housing statistics, and links to data in NZ.Stat.

Housing affordability tables (based on 2003/04 HES data)
A series of links to housing data in NZ.Stat.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Perceptions of housing quality in 2014/15 (published 2015)
Explores the perceived quality of housing in New Zealand. It looks at different population subgroups, including home owner-occupiers and renters, to better understand people’s perception of their housing quality, and identifies the groups that are most likely to be affected by these problems.

Measuring housing quality: Potential ways to improve data collection on housing quality in New Zealand (published 2015)
Discusses what is meant by housing quality and presents potential measures of housing quality and possible ways to improve the collection of housing quality statistics.

Housing in Auckland: Trends in housing from the Census of Population and Dwellings 1991 to 2013 (published 2014)
Describes some of the changes that have occurred in housing in the Auckland region, including tenure, housing costs, and household crowding.

Housing in greater Christchurch after the earthquakes (published 2014)
Explore the changes that have occurred in housing and the effects of housing changes on the population in the greater Christchurch area as a result of the Canterbury earthquake sequence that began in September 2010.

Rental affordability 1998–2012: Regional distributions (published 2013)
Explore changes in rental affordability over time in 12 regions in New Zealand.

Perceptions of housing quality in 2010/11: Exploratory findings from the New Zealand General Social Survey (published 2013)
Explore people’s perceptions of the quality of their housing. The focus is on the three main problems people reported – cold, damp, and smallness.

Ethnicity and crowding: A detailed examination of crowding among ethnic groups in New Zealand 1986–2006 (published 2012).
Find out about the rates of crowding experienced by different ethnic groups in New Zealand and factors that might contribute to these differences.

Finding the crowding index that works best for New Zealand: Applying different crowding indexes to Census of Population and Dwellings data for 1986–2006 (published 2012)
Research reveals the Canadian National Occupancy Standard, a measure of household crowding, worked best in the New Zealand context. The study recommends its use.

See more housing reports and articles.

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, glossary of statistical terms.

Frequently asked questions about the General Social Survey
Details about how and why we run the survey and how we produce statistics from the information we gather.

New Zealand General Social Survey data dictionary 
Descriptions of the variables in the NZ General Social Survey and CURF datasets.

New Zealand General Social Survey questionnaires
View the questions asked for the NZ General Social Survey.

New Zealand definition of homelessness: update (published 2015)
An update of the 2009 definition to make reading easier; definition is unchanged.

Homelessness definition (updated 2015; originally published 2009)
A definition to help housing-service providers be consistent in the way they collect and report their data.

Tenure of household classification 

Glossary of common terms


Get help to interpret and use our data. You can find housing-related data on these other Statistics NZ web pages.

Building Consents Issued (construction)
This monthly information release gives you statistics about the number, floor area, and value of new dwellings, and the value of alterations to existing dwellings. 

Value of Building Work Put in Place (construction)
This quarterly information release provides estimates of the actual dollar value of work done on construction jobs in New Zealand

QuickStats about housing (2013 Census)

QuickStats about housing  (2006 Census)
Find information about the size of households and dwellings, ownership of dwellings, rental costs, and fuel types used for heating. 

About households, families, and dwellings (2006 Census)
Find information about key housing variables, including dwelling type, tenure of household, and weekly rent paid by households.

Consumers price index (CPI)
The CPI includes housing data.

The quarterly Price Index News has articles about the CPI

Dwelling and Household Estimates 
Estimates of all private dwellings and the number of households in New Zealand at a given date.

Household Economic Survey and Household Economic Survey (Income) 
Find information on New Zealand households' income and expenditure in these annual information releases.  

Page updated 14 March 2017

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