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Decision on the New Zealand General Social Survey 2016 supplement

The supplement topic for the New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS) 2016 will be civic and cultural participation. We decided this based on:

  • extensive consultation to determine the need for this information (see the consultation document)
  • assessment of whether we could collect and publish the information in the time available.

See New Zealand General Social Survey 2016: Objectives of the Civic and Cultural Participation supplement for more information about topics that the supplement will cover.

Thank you to everyone who made submissions and participated in the consultation. The information you provided is valuable in developing the NZGSS programme of supplements.

Criteria for choosing a supplement

We evaluated submissions by type of stakeholder and relevance to policy. We used the following criteria (which we developed for considering options for the 2014 supplement) to choose the 2016 supplement.

How great is the need for this information?

The immediacy and relevance of the information need in the supplement topics is a key consideration. Questions include:

  • Is this information collected elsewhere? Why is it Statistics NZ’s role to collect this data?
  • Will this supply Tier 1 statistics?
  • What is the known policy need in relation to this data?
  • What is the potential for cross-domain analysis when combined with NZGSS primary content?
  • Where topics have been explored elsewhere, what outputs were produced, and what was their relevance?
  • How will this topic build stakeholder support and customer relevance for the NZGSS and its products?
  • How will this topic advance our ability to measure social well-being and/or perform a social monitoring role?

How difficult is it to collect the information?

The supplement for 2016 must be constructed within defined timeframes. Our resources and the sample size are finite. Changes to survey design need to be considered carefully. Considerations include:

  • Can we collect the necessary information within the available sample size (8,000) and supplement interview time (20 to 30 minutes)?
  • Are the definitions clear? Do any challenging conceptual issues need to be addressed?
  • Could we use existing models/questionnaires/questions?

Options for future survey supplements

The second option considered for NZGSS 2016, housing and physical environment, will be progressed by:

  • analysing existing data to meet information needs and clarify information gaps
  • assessing whether we can use currently available or upcoming administrative data
  • considering opportunities to work with stakeholders to develop better housing measures.

We’ll carry out consultation on information needs for the 2018 NZGSS closer to the date of that survey.

For more information contact

Henriette Rawlings
04 931 4465

Published 22 December 2014

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