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Well-being statistics measure individuals' perceptions of their life. The NZ General Social Survey is New Zealand's official survey of well-being.

Use the links below to find information about the things that affect the quality of life in New Zealand.

Civic and human rights
Information about people's trust in institutions, experiences of discrimination, and voting behaviours. 

Culture and identity
Information about ethnicity, migrant status, and sense of identity. 

Information about physical dwellings and the people who live in them, including their perceptions of the quality of their housing and neighbourhood. 

Knowledge and skills
Information about individuals' highest educational qualifications and current participation in study or training. 

Leisure and recreation
People's perceptions about their free time. 

Material standard of living
Information about income and self-assessed material living standards. 

Paid work
Information about employment status, occupation, number of hours worked, and job satisfaction. 

Physical environment
Information on people's perception and experience of the quality of the natural and built environment where they live, including council services and infrastruture.

Safety and security
Information about people's sense of safety, experiences of victimisation, and preparedness for emergencies. 

Self-assessed health
Information about people's self-assessed and self-rated health. 

Social connectedness
Information about people's contact with family and friends, social support, loneliness, tolerance of diversity, trust in others in society, and volunteering. 

Well-being across regions
Regional comparisons of people's perceptions of their life and well-being, including information about ratings on life satisfaction and sense of purpose from  NZ General Social Survey 2014.

NZ General Social Survey supplements 
Information about consultation and decisions around the objectives and topics of supplements to the New Zealand General Social Survey.
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