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Net worth

Net worth statistics provide information on the wealth (assets minus liabilities) of New Zealanders. In particular, they provide a view of how wealth is distributed across different groups within the New Zealand population.

Information on net worth was collected as a module attached to the Household Economic Survey (HES) for the first time in 2014/15, and will continue to be collected every three years. Before the HES (net worth) module, we had two surveys that measured net worth – Household Savings Survey and the Survey of Family, Income and Employment.

Latest news

More than half of all adults have a private super scheme – media release (19 April 2017)

Wealth differs by ethnicity – media release (4 November 2016)

Property dominates New Zealand debt – media release (29 September 2016)

Information releases

Explore our latest net worth statistics.

Household Net Worth Statistics

Provides a picture of the net worth (wealth) of New Zealanders by looking at their household assets – financial and non-financial – and their liabilities.

Reports and articles

Private superannuation in New Zealand (published 19 April 2017)
This article looks at private superannuation, one of the ways wealth is distributed in New Zealand.

Wealth patterns across ethnic groups in New Zealand (published 4 November 2016)
This article looks at differences in net worth (or ‘wealth’) of different ethnic groups.

Half of Kiwis in debt, with most debt in properties (published 29 September 2016)
Article that provides insight into New Zealanders with debt, the type of debt they had, and how their debt compared with their assets.

Sources of household net worth statistics (published 2 August 2016)
The different sources of household net worth statistics, the differences and similarities between them, and the level of comparison customers can make between them.

Information about data

Household Economic Survey 2014/15 flowchart
Printable version of the questionnaire.

Household Economic Survey (Net Worth): 2014/15 data dictionary
Contains variable and data quality information for customers using the HES (Net worth) 2014/15 dataset.

Household Economic Survey classifications
Download files containing the expenditure classifications used in the 2003/04, 2006/07, 2009/10, and 2012/13 Household Economic Survey.

See also

Household Economic Survey and Household Economic Survey (Income)

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