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Statistics about children give you information about their well-being, health, disability, care and support, living standards, and leisure and recreation.

The population census provides statistics about the age, sex, ethnic affiliation(s), language(s) spoken, and place of birth of New Zealand children, plus where they live, and what kind of household they live in. Find out how children compare with the rest of the population, and how their proportion is projected to change in the future.

Latest news

Childcare Survey delayed until late 2017
We have delayed the Childcare Survey until late 2017 due to potential risks to the data collection of the redeveloped Household Labour Force Survey.

The 2017 Childcare Survey will focus on:

  • how parents and caregivers use informal and formal childcare arrangements
  • the relationship between childcare and education/employment
  • how the government’s childcare subsidies are used.

Information releases

Explore our latest statistics about children.

New Zealand Childcare Survey 2009 (revised 17 December 2010)
This one-off information release provides a snapshot of New Zealand’s childcare landscape. 

2013 Disability Survey
Key results from the 2013 Disability Survey. Find out about the percentage of New Zealand children who are disabled, the types and causes of their impairments.


Analyse the numbers.

Child and youth prosecution tables
Tables on the number of people prosecuted (and the outcome of this prosecution) in the New Zealand court system . Statistics are available by calendar year or fiscal year.

Disability Survey tables

Information about disabled children that covers prevalence, type and cause of disability, by age and sex. These tables use data from the 2013 Disability Survey.

Find out more about NZ.Stat.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research or analysis.

Serious injury outcome indicators for children: 2000–12 (published 2013)
Annual numbers and rates for serious injury outcomes in New Zealand, through a set of indicators for fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Caring for children: Findings from the 2009/10 Time Use Survey (published 2013)
Describes and analyses the time parents spend with their children using data from the Time Use Survey 2009/10

Vulnerable children and families: Some findings from the New Zealand General Social Survey (published 2012)
Using data from the 2010 NZGSS, this report looks at households with vulnerable children, using 11 economic, housing, health, and social indicators related to poor child outcomes.

Parents supporting children who do not live with them (published 2012)
Find out about the support parents give their children aged under 18 years who don’t live with them, using 2010 NZGSS data.

Childcare use and work arrangements in 1998 and 2009 (published 2012)
Comparison of findings from the 1998 and 2009 New Zealand childcare surveys.

View more reports and articles about children.

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