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Accommodation Survey: August 2017
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  11 October 2017
Key facts

For August 2017 compared with August 2016:

  • National guest nights were down 8,000 (0.3 percent) to 2,441,000.
  • Domestic guest nights were down 19,000 (1.2 percent) to 1,492,000.
  • International guest nights were up 10,000 (1.1 percent) to 948,000.

Guest nights decreased for two of the four accommodation types:

  • hotels – unchanged, down just 90 (0.0 percent) to 1,027,000
  • motels – down 15,000 (1.8 percent) to 819,000
  • backpackers – down 600 (0.2 percent) to 306,000
  • holiday parks – up 7,000 (2.5 percent) to 289,000.

Guest nights were up in 8 of the 12 regional areas. The largest increases were in:

  • Canterbury – up 14,000 (4.7 percent) to 316,000
  • Nelson, Marlborough, Tasman – up 14,000 (13.5 percent) to 114,000
  • West Coast up 8,000 (14.4 percent) to 62,000.

The largest decreases were in:

  • Auckland – down 30,000 (5.3 percent) to 537,000
  • Wellington – down 15,000 (6.7 percent) to 204,000
  • Waikato – down 12,000 (5.6 percent) to 187,000.

Note: We corrected a label on this graph on 24 November 2017.

Seasonally adjusted guest nights fell 1.1 percent. The trend in New Zealand guest nights continued to increase, and is at its highest-ever level. Hotel and motel trends showed little movement, the trend for backpackers declined, and the trend for holiday parks continued to rise.

For the year ended August 2017, there were 38,987,000 guest nights, an increase of 1,104,000 (2.9 percent) from the previous August year.

Review of current accommodation statistics products

Monthly short-term commercial accommodation statistics are published in multiple places and via different products. We are reviewing these products to better understand which information and which format will best suit our users.

Current products include:

We encourage you to visit these pages and provide feedback on your experiences, in particular which products you find useful and not useful. We also welcome your ideas on additional features that will help meet your data needs. Your comments will help us in our review. Please send your comments to

Liz MacPherson, Government Statistician
ISSN 1178-0207
11 October 2017

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