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Methodology changes to retail trade series and correction to retail trade data

Today we are releasing two items about retail trade data: 

  • error correction for Retail Trade Survey: June 2017 quarter 
  • methodology changes to retail trade statistics.

These two things are independent from each other, but we are releasing them at the same time, to give as much information as we can at the moment.

Error correction for the June 2017 quarter in the current Retail Trade series

We have found an error in data for two industries in the June 2017 quarter:

  • liquor which was overstated by $25.32 million 
  • electrical and electronic goods which was overstated by $26.73 million
  • the movement in seasonally adjusted sales volumes has changed from 2.0 percent to 1.7 percent

The error occurred in the system used to model the GST data.

Note: The June 2017 quarter is the last to be published under the current methodology. There will be a new backseries available under the new methodology.

See Retail Trade Survey: June quarter 2017 – corrected for more detail.

Methodology changes

Methodology changes to Retail Trade Survey outlines new methodology for the Retail Trade Survey, and indicates key differences in the new time series. It includes the new regional breakdowns (moving from publishing 6 regions to 16), which will be available in the September 2017 quarter released 23 November 2017.

The new time series is based on a new design so it is expected that the levels will be different. We have created a provisional backseries for the new design. Limited provisional data is available in the paper and the full provisional time series will be released on Friday 3 November 2017.

Supermarket adjustment

Due to a change in the supermarket methodology there will be a noticeable change in the supermarket industry. The new redeveloped series will have better coverage.

The new time series has been backcast to reflect the new methods. As a result, there is an upward revision in movements and levels for supermarkets.

New series identifiers

Methodology changes to the Retail Trade Survey includes the new TSM series identifiers.

For media enquires contact: Sue Chapman, Christchurch 03 964 8371

30 October 2017

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