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Building Consents Issued: August 2010
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  30 September 2010

Residential buildings

Figures given are unadjusted unless stated otherwise. In August 2010 compared with August 2009, consents were issued for:

  • 1,229 new dwelling units, including apartments, up 2.8 percent
  • 1,193 new dwelling units, excluding apartments, up 2.4 percent 
  • 36 new apartment units, up 20 percent.

Apartments contributed 2.9 percent to the number of new dwellings authorised in August 2010, compared with a monthly average of 5.6 percent for the previous 12 months. Apartment numbers can vary considerably from month to month. 

The seasonally adjusted number of new dwelling units authorised, including apartments, fell 18 percent in August 2010, following a 2.4 percent rise in July 2010 (when the highest number of apartments for more than a year was authorised). Latest figures indicate that the trend has fallen for the last four months, following increases that began in February 2009. As shown in the graph below, the trend level is 54 percent lower than the series peak in January 2004. 

 Graph, New dwellings authorised, including apartment units, monthly

Excluding apartments, the seasonally adjusted number of new dwellings authorised in August 2010 fell 8.9 percent, to the lowest monthly number authorised for more than a year. This follows a fall of 6.0 percent the month before.

The trend for the number of new dwellings authorised, excluding apartments, has been falling since March 2010, following increases that began in April 2009. The current level is 39 percent lower than the recent peak in June 2007, before the recent economic downturn.

The value of residential building consents was $473 million in August 2010, and is up 7.6 percent compared with August 2009. The trend has been falling since March 2010, and the level is 32 percent lower than the recent peak in June 2007. 

Regional residential results

More new dwelling units were authorised in 9 of New Zealand’s 16 regions in August 2010 compared with August 2009. In August 2010, numbers rose by 68 units (8.6 percent) in the North Island but fell by 34 units (8.5 percent) in the South Island. 

The three regions with the largest changes from August 2009 were:

  • Auckland, up 105 units to 321
  • Canterbury, down 44 units to 191
  • Waikato, down 42 units to 158.

This release covers consents authorised in the month of August, before the earthquake in Canterbury on 4 September 2010.

 Graph, New dwellings authorised, by region, August 2010


Non-residential buildings

The value of non-residential building consents was $296 million in August 2010, down 23 percent compared with August 2009. Six of the 11 building types recorded decreases in the value of consents in August 2010 compared with August 2009.

The largest decreases were:

  • social, cultural, and religious buildings, down $77 million (several indoor sports facilities were authorised in August 2009) 
  • hospitals and nursing homes, down $20 million
  • education buildings, down $11 million.

The largest increase was for hotels and other short-term accommodation, up $11 million. 

Graph, Value of non-residential buildings authorised, by building type (including alterations and additions), August 2010 

As shown by the dark bars in this graph, the three largest contributors to the value of non-residential building consents authorised for August 2010 were:

  • offices and administration buildings, at 19 percent
  • education buildings, at 19 percent
  • shops, restaurants, and taverns, at 15 percent.

The monthly trend series for the value of non-residential buildings has been removed from the tables and Infoshare for further analysis. The trend series is estimated after the removal of consents valued at $25 million or more and Statistics New Zealand is reviewing this practice. The monthly series is available on request.

All buildings

In August 2010, the value of consents issued for all buildings was $769 million, a 6.6 percent decrease compared with August 2009.

 Graph, Monthly values, including alterations and additions    Graph, Annual values, including alterations and additions, Year ended August


For the year ended August 2010 compared with the year ended August 2009, the total value of consents issued for:

  • all buildings was $9,514 million, down $229 million (2.4 percent)
  • residential buildings was $5,819 million, up $802 million (16 percent)
  • non-residential buildings was $3,695 million, down $1,031 million (22 percent).

For technical information contact: 
Tina Waterhouse or Clara Eatherley
Christchurch 03 964 8700

Next release ...

Building Consents Issued: September 2010 will be released on 29 October 2010.

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