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Industry sectors

Industry statistics measure the activity and performance of New Zealand businesses that:

  • process raw materials
  • make goods in factories
  • provide related services to these producers.

This page gives you links to information about trends in different industries. Use the alphabetical list below to find the statistics you need.

Information about hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation and holiday parks. Find out about:
  • guest nights
  • accommodation capacity
  • occupancy rates.

Agriculture, horticulture, and forestry
Information about animal farming, crop growing, and forestry and farm practices.

Alcohol availability
Information about wine, beer, and spirits available for consumption in New Zealand. Find out about beverage type as a proportion of alcohol available.

Bioscience and biotechnology
Information about:
  • the size of the biotechnology sector
  • the use, production, and spread of biotechnology.
Information about New Zealand’s construction industry. Find information about:
  • building consents, including the number, value, and floor area of residential dwellings, and the value of non-residential buildings by region and building type  
  • the value of building work done on residential and non-residential buildings.
Information about industry use of energy in New Zealand. Get breakdowns of energy use by industry and find out about:
  • the types and amount of energy used, including fossil fuels
  • energy saving initiatives.
Film and television
Information about the contribution the film and television industry makes to the New Zealand economy. Get regional breakdowns as well as information about:
  • the value of filming, editing, and special effects in the making of films, television programmes, and commercials
  • income from international sources
  • the value of broadcasting, exhibition, and distribution.

Imports and exports
Information about the value and volume of imports, exports, and overseas cargo.

Information communications and technology
Information about Internet service providers, and the supply and use of ICT products and services. Find out about:
  • the number of Internet subscriptions and the types of connections used
  • sales of ICT goods and services, including exports
  • household use of, and access to, ICT
  • business use of ICT, including the benefits and barriers.
Manufacturing and production
Economic measures of manufacturing. For selected industries, find national-level statistics about:
  • value of sales
  • value of stocks held 
  • goods and services purchased.

Retail trade
Information about goods businesses sell. Find out about sales by the New Zealand retail industry and the value of the stock they hold.

Information about New Zealand tourism, including:
  • what domestic and international visitors spend
  • the tourism industry’s contribution to GDP
  • tourism employment
  • arrivals and departures by overseas visitors and New Zealand residents.
Wholesale trade
Information about businesses that provide supplies for other businesses. Find national-level statistics about:
  • the sale or resale of new goods
  • stock of goods.

Industry classification

All our industry statistics use the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006. This classification reflects the structure of Australian and New Zealand industries and makes our statistics more comparable with other countries’ statistics.

Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006
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