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Changes in accessing HLFS labour market statistics

The Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) provides customers with a wide variety of labour market statistics. Across the published series, we have changes and improvements from the HLFS redevelopment for our customers to be aware of.

This page introduces the changes in how data will be published as part of the Labour Market Statistics release for the June 2016 quarter on 3 August 2016 (NB: HLFS data release delayed until 17 August 2016).

See Household Labour Force Survey – summary of 2016 redevelopment for more about the HLFS redevelopment.

The changes will affect the many ways that customers can access our HLFS labour market statistics. Each is outlined below, along with the changes to anticipate.

We will release information about revisions to our key statistics from the HLFS redevelopment on 29 June 2016 (see Improving labour market statistics).

Contact if you have questions or concerns that are not answered below. It is important that our customers understand the changes – we encourage questions.

Infoshare and Export direct

Infoshare or Infoshare’s Export direct function have series that can be found within the Infoshare ‘Work income and spending – Household Labour Force Survey’ subject. Export direct has series IDs that start with HLF.

See ‘Redevelopment effect on Infoshare HLF series’ (in ‘Available files’ on this page) for a guide to which series will remain, which will be discontinued, and the new series that will be available.

The first tab ‘Changes by Table’ gives an overview of the changes to anticipate within the ‘Household Labour Force Survey’ Infoshare subject; the tab ‘Change by Series’ provides a categorised list of all time series within the tables. The file allows you to filter for your unique data needs and isolate series of interest to you (click on the arrows in row 4 for filtering options).

Information release tables

The tables published as part of the Labour Market Statistics quarterly release will have minimal changes.

See ‘New HLFS tables’ (in ‘Available files on this page) for a preview of the new tables and their updated order.

The most significant change is to replace table 8 (The jobless: those without a job and wanting a job, by sex) with table 12 (Underutilisation, by sex). Our new underutilisation classifications were developed to be internationally comparable with new International Labour Organization standards. They replace our previous jobless classifications.

See HLFS – summary of 2016 redevelopment (‘Overview of key changes, Underutilisation’ section). Note: We will publish a paper focusing exclusively on the new underutilisation classifications in July 2016.

Table 17 ‘Employment rates in OECD countries, latest available’ is added, to accompany the related pre-existing table on unemployment rates (new table 16, previously table 13). These tables present New Zealand’s rates, ranked with the latest statistics from other OECD countries.


We are discontinuing the table ‘Key Labour Force Measures by Qualification, Age and Sex’ that can be accessed on NZ.Stat – it duplicates series available on Infoshare. A new table called ‘Labour Force Status by highest qualification by sex’ will be accessible on Infoshare. For customers interested in qualifications, the new table in Infoshare will be more comprehensive. It presents the highest qualification earned rather than the status of completing a post-school qualification.

Regional data and Canterbury supplementary tables

In the June 2015 quarter we improved accessibility of the time series in the ‘Household Labour Force Survey: [quarter] Canterbury supplementary tables’ by making them available on Infoshare. To meet the needs of our customers we will add the Auckland Region and the Wellington Region breakdowns to these series in Infoshare.

The Infoshare data will replace the previously published Canterbury supplementary Excel tables. Data for all three regional councils will be freely available and include additional series to those originally in the tables.

See ‘Redevelopment effect on Infoshare HLF series’ (in ‘Available files’ on this page) for more information about regional series.

Page updated 1 August 2016

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