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Improving labour market statistics

We are redeveloping the Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) to improve the relevance and quality of our labour market statistics. We'll provide more information about people’s employment conditions and work arrangements, and greater detail from respondents who work in more than one job.

This page will be the main source of updates on the HLFS redevelopment, including information papers and other relevant data as it becomes available.

Latest news

Job tenure: June 2016 quarter (September 2016)
Gives customers an overview of job tenure information by some key variables, following the collection of information on job tenure in a person's main job for the first time.

Union membership and employment agreements – June 2016 quarter (August 2016)
Discusses these two new measures introduced to the Household Labour Force Survey.

Household surveys programme 2016–20: Responding to New Zealand's information needs (August 2016)
This paper outlines Statistics NZ's plan for a coordinated programme of supplementary content across our three household surveys: the Household Labour Force Survey, the New Zealand General Social Survey, and the Household Economic Survey.

Employment status (published August 2016)
Explains the cause of some strong movements in employment status numbers in the June 2016 quarter and the reasons why we made changes to the employment status questions in the HLFS.

Underutilisation in the June 2016 quarter (published August 2016)
An overview of underutilised people in New Zealand’s labour market for the June 2016 quarter.

Introducing underutilisation in the labour market (published July 2016)
A new set of underutilisation measures will provide a picture of labour underutilisation in New Zealand, existing and potential labour resources, and the extent to which they are underutilised.

Household Labour Force Survey: Revisions to labour market estimates (published June 2016)
Outlines changes and improvements in key labour market estimates.

Changes in accessing HLFS labour market statistics (published June 2016)
Explains changes in how HLFS data will be published after the HLFS was redeveloped.

Household Labour Force Survey – summary of 2016 redevelopment (published April 2016).
This paper outlines key changes to the HLFS, including additions and changes to existing variables.

For more information on the new HLFS content, contact:
Wellington 04 931 4600 or 0508 525 525

Updated 25 August 2016 

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