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Tertiary education

Tertiary education statistics give you information about post-school education, including loans taken out to fund post-school education, and income and employment of graduates.

Tertiary education includes industry training, adult and community education, foundation studies, and study at tertiary institutions such as universities, polytechnics, wānanga, and private training establishments. 

See For university staff and students for information about customised data and other data packages available.

Information releases

Explore our latest tertiary education statistics.

Student Loans and Allowances 
Information on the different characteristics of student loan borrowers, in terms of personal variables (such as sex and age), and characteristics of their loans (amount borrowed, total debt, and voluntary repayments). This is an annual release.

Note: We have discontinued this release.

Reports and articles

Explore information we’ve gathered from research and analysis.

Debt and income: 1995–2005 (published 2007) 
Comparison of the trends in debt on leaving study and five years post-study, and income one and five years post-study. This is one of four background web pages supporting Student Loans and Allowances: 2005, with links to the three other pages:

  • Student financial support
  • Full repayments
  • Borrowers overseas 

Privacy impact assessment: National student number (published 2007)
Read the privacy impact report for the Integrated Dataset on Student Loans and Allowances, prepared in line with Statistics NZ’s data integration policy.

Student loan data integration project  (published 2005)
Discover the methodology used by Statistics NZ to integrate selected sets of data relating to the student loan scheme. This integrated dataset will better inform strategic policy, financial risk management, financial reporting, and forecasting.

Degrees of difference: The employment of university-qualified immigrants in New Zealand (published 2004) 
Information about analysis of the immigrant population, focusing on qualifications and employment, with particular attention to those immigrants with university degrees who arrived in New Zealand in the decade prior to the 2001 Census.

Review of the statistical measurement of human capital (published 2002)
Information on Statistics NZ’s study into the statistical measurement of human capital in New Zealand.

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