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Balance of Payments - Sources and Methods (2004) - reference report

What it's about

This publication describes the conceptual framework of New Zealand’s balance of payments (BOP) and international investment position (IIP) statistics, and the data sources and methods used to compile them. Its purpose is to help users understand the statistics. It explains what the statistics measure, how they may be interpreted, how they relate to other economic series, how they are produced, where they are published and why they are subject to varying degrees of accuracy and reliability.

This is the fourth edition of Sources and Methods, the third having been published in 2001. This new edition preserves the original concept of the manual and brings no major redesign to the previous edition. The text has been revised, expanded and updated with the objective of incorporating relevant changes as the BoP statistical framework continues to grow in both breadth and depth.

Published 23 September 2004


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Conceptual Framework
Chapter 3: Classification
Chapter 4: Data Dissemination and Related Issues
Chapter 5: Current Account Overview
Chapter 6: Goods
Chapter 7: Services
Chapter 8: Income
Chapter 9: Current Transfers
Chapter 10: Capital Transfers
Chapter 11: The Financial Account and the International Investment Position Statement
Chapter 12: Direct Investment
Chapter 13: Portfolio Investment
Chapter 14: Financial Derivatives
Chapter 15: Other Investment
Chapter 16: Reserve Assets
Chapter 17: Quality of Data
Chapter 18: The Balance of Payments and the Relationship to National Accounts
Appendix 1: Data Sources Used in the Compilation of New Zealand’s BOP and IIP Statistics
Appendix 2: Data Methodologies Used in the Compilation of BOP and IIP Components
Appendix 3: Chronology of Major Events Affecting BOP Statistics
Appendix 4: Frequently Asked Questions and Common Fallacies in the BOP and the IIP

Printable version

This newsletter is also available in pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the reader to view or print the contents of the above file.

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