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Longitudinal Business Database

Statistics NZ’s Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) is a linked longitudinal dataset that covers a range of business information. The LBD allows for policy evaluation and research analysis, and the production of statistical outputs on business performance. It currently includes business-level data from Statistics NZ’s surveys and various administrative sources. Data in the LBD is updated annually.

See A Rough Guide to New Zealand's Longitudinal Business Database (2nd edition) for an introductory guide to the content and structure of the data aimed at new and prospective users. Where relevant, it references other publications which provide greater detail on particular aspects of the data. It also briefly describes access protocols for researchers, and processes for updating and expanding the database. This paper provides an update and extension of the first edition pdf icon. See A rough guide to New Zealand's Longitudinal Business Database (PDF, 17 pages, 273kb). 

Data available in the LBD

Acronym   Component  Availability



Annual Enterprise Survey

 1999–2013 Statistics NZ

Annual International Investment Survey

 2001–13 Statistics NZ

Agricultural Production Survey

 1994; 2002–14 Statistics NZ

Business Activity Indicator (GST) 

 1999–2014 Inland Revenue

Business Finance Survey* 

 2004 Statistics NZ

Business Operations Survey 

 2005–14 Statistics NZ

Business Practices Survey* 

 2001 Statistics NZ

Overseas Merchandise Trade

 1988–2014 NZ Customs Service

Government assistance programmes

 2000–13 Various

Innovation Survey* 

 2003 Statistics NZ

Company tax return (IR4) 

 1999–2013 Inland Revenue

Tax-filed financial accounts (IR10) 

 1999–2013** Inland Revenue

International Trade in Services Survey 

 1998–2014 Statistics NZ

Longitudinal Business Frame 

 2000–14 Statistics NZ

Linked Employer-Employee Data

 1999–2012 Inland Revenue

Manufacturing Energy Use Survey*

 2006 Statistics NZ

Quarterly International Investment Survey

 2000–14 Statistics NZ

Research and Development Survey 

 1996–2014 (every two years) Statistics NZ

*BFS, BPS, INN, and MEUS were one-off datasets in the LBD.

**2013 IR10 data is available only in load tables as at January 2016.

New data

Upcoming datasets for the IDI and LBD 
Find out which new datasets will be added to the LBD in future and which datasets have been added recently. 

How to add a dataset to the IDI or LBD
Find out how to apply to get a new dataset added to the LBD and the different options for loading data.

Research reports

View research reports using data from the LBD.

Accessing the LBD

Statistics NZ Data Lab has information on how to apply for access.

All research proposals are assessed using our microdata access protocols.

History of the LBD

The Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development (IBULDD) project was a two-year feasibility project. The purpose of the project was to test the feasibility of creating a longitudinal firm-level database covering the time period 1999–2005/06. The project was funded by Cross Departmental Research Pool (CDRP) money and finished in December 2007 with the successful creation of the prototype Longitudinal Business Database (LBD).

About the development of the Longitudinal Business Database

These reports look at Statistics NZ's development of the LBD. There is an overview of what the IBULDD is, and the findings and recommendations of a review into the project's progress.

Updated 7 June 2017

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