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Electronic Card Transactions: August 2009
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  09 September 2009
Key facts

These statistics are based on electronic card transactions during August 2009. Figures are seasonally adjusted unless otherwise stated. See the technical notes for industry descriptors.

 Changes in the value of transactions (compared with July 2009) were as follows:
  • Total electronic card transactions were up slightly (0.3 percent).
  • The retail industries were flat (up 0.2 percent).
  • The core retail industries were flat (up 0.1 percent).
  • By industry group, non-retail increased; automotive fuel retailing was up slightly and the core retail groups were flat or slightly down.

The actual (not seasonally adjusted) value of transactions in core retail was up 1.4 percent from August 2008.

Electronic card transactions in core retail (which excludes the motor vehicle-related industries) remained flat in August 2009, up just 0.1 percent compared with July 2009. This follows a 1.1 percent increase in July. In August 2009, the core retail industry groups were all flat or slightly down.

Transactions in the retail industries were also flat (up just 0.2 percent) with a small increase in automotive fuel retailing. There was a slight rise in total electronic card transactions (up 0.3 percent), mainly due to an increase in the non-retail group.

Trends for the value of transactions in the total, retail, and core retail series have all been increasing since January 2009. Latest figures indicate that the growth rate for the retail series has flattened, while for core retail the growth rate has slowed.

Annual credit card transactions as a proportion of the total transaction value continues to decline (with a corresponding increase in debit card use). Credit card use accounted for 44.8 percent of transactions in the year to August 2009, the 11th consecutive month to show a decrease.

The total number of transactions for the year to August 2009 was 1,064 million compared with 1,009 million for the year to August 2008. The average transaction value for the year to August 2009 was $53 compared with $55 for the year to August 2008.

Geoff Bascand 9 September 2009

Government Statistician

ISSN 1178-0258
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