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Business characteristics

Statistics about business characteristics include the number, type, and location of businesses in New Zealand. They give an annual snapshot of New Zealand businesses and include details about geographic area, industry, institutional sector, business type, overseas ownership, and business size.

Information releases

Explore our latest business demography statistics. 

Business Demography Statistics 
Annual snapshot of the structure and characteristics of New Zealand businesses. Find out about economically significant enterprises engaged in the production of goods and services in New Zealand.

Electronic Card Transactions
Information on the number and value of electronic card transactions with New Zealand-based merchants. Data include transactions using debit (eftpos), credit, and charge cards.


Analyse the numbers.

Business growth activities 2005–10: Experimental release 
Information on activities that contribute to business growth, and the number of businesses involved in those activities.

New Zealand Business Demography tables 
Statistics on changes in the number, type, and location of businesses in New Zealand, ie the 'demography' of New Zealand businesses. These tables are available from NZ.Stat.

Find out more about NZ.Stat.

New Zealand Business Demography Statistics: At February 2016 - additional tables (published 2016)
CSV files for New Zealand Business Demography Statistics: At February 2016 published 27 October 2016.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Introducing new method for confidentialising business demography tables (published 2016)
Explanation of new method and why we've implemented it.

Tatauranga Umanga Māori 2016: Statistics on Māori businesses (published 2016)
Presents information on two subsets of Māori businesses that contribute to our country’s economy – Māori authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tatauranga Umanga Māori summary of 2012 consultation (published 2015)
This report presents feedback on our consultation paper about Māori business, Tatauranga Umanga Māori – Consultation paper (2012).

New Zealand’s inward foreign affiliate statistics (published 2014)
This report presents the findings of a study on foreign affiliate statistics (FATS), with a particular focus on comparing the characteristics of foreign-owned enterprises in New Zealand with those of domestically-owned firms.

Tatauranga Umanga Māori 2014: Statistics on Māori authorities (published 2014)
Report with a summary of statistics about Māori authorities. Part of Tatauranga Umanga Māori, a multi-year research project that involves defining and identifying Māori authorities, and eventually Māori businesses, and compiling statistics about them.

Tatauranga Umanga Māori – Consultation paper (published 2012)
Paper on work we're doing to respond to the need for statistics about Māori businesses. See section C of the paper for examples of statistics about Māori business we could produce. We took comments on this paper until 27 July 2012.

Business Demographic Statistics review report (published 2006)
Report on the review and redevelopment of business demography statistics.

Business Demography confidentiality (published 2004)
Proposal for a new method for applying confidentiality to business demography employment data. 


Longitudinal Business Database
Information about datasets available in the Longitudinal Business Database. This data is available to approved researchers.

Updated 9 March 2017

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