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Information about the census

2013 Census.

This page gives you links to an introduction to the census and information about census content, methodology, and how we estimate census coverage.

2013 Census: What's in it for you?
Read stories from our customers – people in the community who are using census data to help them grow their businesses, or support their customers and communities.

Coverage in the 2013 Census based on the New Zealand 2013 Post-enumeration Survey (published 13 August 2014)
Report that describes and discusses the salient features of the 2013 Post-enumeration Survey (PES), including its scope and methodology.

2013 Post-enumeration survey (published 27 May 2014)
Information release with findings from the 2013 Post-enumeration survey.

Introduction to the New Zealand Census 
Information about what happens to your census forms, each phase of the census cycle, and the history of the census in New Zealand.

2013 Census data user guide
An easy-to-use reference for people using data from the 2013 Census. It answers some of the common questions you may have relating to the collection and processing of census data, as well as its interpretation and use.

2013 Census frequently asked questions 
General information about the census, including what census information is used for, how it is kept confidential, and how we decide which questions to ask.

2013 Census products and services 
An overview of outputs from the 2013 Census. It includes brief descriptions of 2013 Census products and services, along with their intended users, or audiences.

2013 Census methodology and research 
Detailed technical information about methodologies used for the 2013 Census.

2013 Census forms 
Samples of and information about 2013 Census forms and guide notes, which are the same as those developed for the 2011 Census, with date changes.

2011 Census content development 
Information about the process we used to develop content for the 2011 Census, which was reused for the 2013 Census.

Updated 3 October 2014

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