Ngāti Rangi Trust and the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Project

What we do

We are a working group making a positive transformation for the people of Ruapehu rohe (made up of Raetihi, Ohakune, and Waiouru communities).


We collected data and spoke with our communities. We identified five key focus areas: education, employment, housing, health, and social well-being, for the Ruapehu rohe.

Our data needs

We need New Zealand demographic and social data broken down by area and ethnicity.


Nationally, Māori make up 14.6 percent of the population. The number is much higher in the Ruapehu rohe, with nearly 40 percent of the population being Māori.

What data we get

The census provides detailed demographic data on Māori. We can get this data broken down into regions and area units. We get data on:

  • age and sex
  • cultural diversity
  • housing
  • income
  • languages spoken
  • occupation
  • qualifications.

From the 2013 Census, we used:

How we use the data

We incorporated data from the census and other ministerial agencies with community ‘stories’. It helped us identify our five key focus areas for positive transformation.


We are currently implementing our transformation project. We will use census data to monitor and track changes in our community. This will help to confirm and prioritise our projects.


See Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Plan for more information about the project.

  • Erena.

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    Page published 24 March 2015

Erena Mikaere Most

Project Manager


We wanted to collect a robust evidence base, complement the quantitative evidence with our community stories – to give life to the numbers – and use this information to identify community-driven initiatives and pathways for transformation.

Thus, the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation project’s guiding expression was created – Stats, Stories, Solutions.

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